Sunday, November 29, 2009

Welcome to Russell!

So,  I know I've been gone for awhile, but now I'm sitting here with not  whole lot to do and thought I'd blog to the world.  Spencer and I have had the WORST luck with vehicles lately.

1st:  Wednesday night right before we headed home for Spencer's brother's wedding, he was rear-ended on his way to our church.  My car was totaled.

2nd:  The insurance company took TONS of time and we still don't have money back from them.

3rd:  We bought a new car to replace said rear-ended car.

4th:  On our way back to Omaha from Colorado, we get pulled over.  The tail-lights on the Element are out.  We are not going to be allowed to proceed any farther.  The cop tells us we can go as far as the next town where there is no 24-hour store and where we'll have to spend the night.  So here we are, in RUSSELL, KANSAS with our dog, in our hotel room.  What an exciting time right?  Ugh!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I Wish you a Merry Christmas

     For those of you that don't know, I'm one of those people that wishes Christmas was every day of every year!  I usually begin listening to Christmas music by October (though I might note that I held off this year due to the unseasonably warm weather), I wait expectantly for the Christmas commercials to come and TV and as soon as I see the Christmas M&Ms out- I buy a bag.  

    Yesterday was fantastic.  I attended my first Christmas party of 2009.  My friend Stef had an All About Christmas Party where several vendors came and sold their goods.  It was a great time and I got some yummy treats and cool crafts.

     I've already begun to decide where I'll put the Christmas trees (yes there are two) and which ornaments should go on each and what I need to buy now that we have a house.  I started stamping my very first stamped Christmas cards 2 weeks ago.  The dog ate my scrapbook tape... needless to say, production has slowed some.

     Then, to make things even more exciting, I got home and went to the Target website (which I do often) and they have Christmas stuff on the home page!

     Speaking of Target, while I was there the other day I splurged and bought The Santa Clause DVD.  I LOVE that movie!  

     It just seems to be Christmas all around and I'm so excited.  If people wouldn't make fun of me, I'd probably already have my tree up.

     So even though it's only November, MERRY CHRISTMAS!