Thursday, May 13, 2010

When I have kids I vow...

I have worked in 2 different day care centers, an after school program, done 3 children's ministry internships, volunteered at an elementary school, and been around kids for a long time.  This has given me a lot of material to make a list with.  So here's the start of my "When I have kids I vow not to..." list.

When I have kids I vow not to... ever say "I don't believe in making my children do anything they don't want to do."  Really?  You make them go to school don't you?

When I have kids I vow not to... overload their schedules.  Does your child really need to have their life booked for them?  Whatever happened to play time?

When I have kids I vow not to... give them empty threats.  If I tell them to put it down or they'll have to sit out for awhile, then they'll have to sit out for awhile.

When I have kids I vow not to...let them spend hours in front of the Xbox.

When I have kids I vow... not to stop them from trying new things.

When I have kids I vow.... to put them first.

When I have kids I vow.... to have family night!

When I have kids I vow... to give them chores.  I tell you what, kids these days (don't I sound like I'm 79?) don't have to do anything for themselves.

This is just the start of my list.  I'm sure I'll think of more things to add to this with more experience...
And no.... I'm not having any kids right now.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The last 72 hours

The last 72 hours have been a roller coaster.  We're had some great uphill rides, some sad downhill rides, and a few unexpected turns.

Sunday 9:30am- Host at church.  For those of you that don't attend StoneBridge this basically means that I facilitate the transitions during the service from songs to announcements, to greeting, then back to offering etc.  Not totally stressful usually, but Sunday it was for some reason.

Sunday 11:00am- Second service of church.  Lots of crying kids.

Sunday 6:00pm- Last service of church.  Led large group time for the kids.  Exhausted!

Monday 10:00am- Growth Team Meeting (until 11:30ish)

Monday 7:30pm- Visit Jeremy and Brielle at their place to say goodbye.  They're moving to Kentucky on Monday. :(

Monday 11:00pm- Go to bed.

Tuesday day: Good.

Tuesday 7:00pm- Go to small group.  Good study tonight on prayer with super cheesy man on video who is trying to coin the phrase WJPT? (Would Jesus Pray That?)

Tuesday 9:30pm- home from small group.  Play with dog.  Dog (Sampson) cuts open skin over one of his nails on a heat register.  Looks awful.  Lots of bleeding.  Feel like bad owners.  Finally call animal emergency hospital.  They tell us to pack it with corn starch until morning.  We do.  I feel awful.

Tuesday 11:30pm- finally get to bed.

Wednesday 7:00am- Wake up and wait until 8 so I can call vet.

Wednesday 8:01am- Call vet.  They say to bring him in.

Wednesday 8:30 am- Take Sampson to vet.  He has to be sedated and get stitches and then wear the cone of shame.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

Well, almost.  We went to Walmart yesterday and got the electrical converter (the UK, well most countries for that matter, don't use the same plug-ins we do), got the travel sized toothpaste, shampoo, etc.  We have enough socks and underwear to make it 12 days.  Spencer has new Khaki pants, a new shirt, and I have new tennis shoes.

We're getting there.

Today we got to go to the Nebraska Christian College and see some of our great friends (Alyse Wulff, Katie Dunlap, Brett Ricley, and Drew Meyer) graduate.  This marks an exciting and saddening change all at the same time.  Alyse and Brett are staying in Omaha.  Katie is going back to New Hampshire (such a LONG ways away) and Drew has accepted the youth ministry position at my home church.  I'm SO excited for Drew and Alyssa and for Lamar Christian Church to be getting them, but at the same time I am SO sad to be losing some of our very best friends.  People in Lamar had better love on them like CRAZY!

Well this week is an end and a beginning.  It's the end of our Wednesday evening program.  It's the last week before we leave.  It's the last time we'll hang out with Drew and Alyssa while they live here.  It's my last chance to get everything in order before we head out.  It's also the first time Spencer will ever have visited another country and it's our first BIG trip together.

Can I ask for some prayer?  Many of you know that my grandpa B is not a Christian.  I've just really been praying that God will be preparing his heart for what we have to share with him when we get there.  Please pray with me that he will choose to accept Jesus as his Savior.  Pray also for my Granny who just had a knee replaced last week and is a bit slow to recover.