Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The last 72 hours

The last 72 hours have been a roller coaster.  We're had some great uphill rides, some sad downhill rides, and a few unexpected turns.

Sunday 9:30am- Host at church.  For those of you that don't attend StoneBridge this basically means that I facilitate the transitions during the service from songs to announcements, to greeting, then back to offering etc.  Not totally stressful usually, but Sunday it was for some reason.

Sunday 11:00am- Second service of church.  Lots of crying kids.

Sunday 6:00pm- Last service of church.  Led large group time for the kids.  Exhausted!

Monday 10:00am- Growth Team Meeting (until 11:30ish)

Monday 7:30pm- Visit Jeremy and Brielle at their place to say goodbye.  They're moving to Kentucky on Monday. :(

Monday 11:00pm- Go to bed.

Tuesday day: Good.

Tuesday 7:00pm- Go to small group.  Good study tonight on prayer with super cheesy man on video who is trying to coin the phrase WJPT? (Would Jesus Pray That?)

Tuesday 9:30pm- home from small group.  Play with dog.  Dog (Sampson) cuts open skin over one of his nails on a heat register.  Looks awful.  Lots of bleeding.  Feel like bad owners.  Finally call animal emergency hospital.  They tell us to pack it with corn starch until morning.  We do.  I feel awful.

Tuesday 11:30pm- finally get to bed.

Wednesday 7:00am- Wake up and wait until 8 so I can call vet.

Wednesday 8:01am- Call vet.  They say to bring him in.

Wednesday 8:30 am- Take Sampson to vet.  He has to be sedated and get stitches and then wear the cone of shame.


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  1. The cone of shame. Absolutely hilarious. Poor guy.