Thursday, August 26, 2010

So close I can taste it!

Life... is tumultuous as times.  There have been, and continue to be all sorts of changes the last few weeks.  Some good, some just ok.  But, it's been fun.

Our Back to School BBQ at church was a hit!
     I was glad to get home for a chance to just sit.
I went to the dentist... first time in 2 years
      I get to go back (cavities) here's hoping to no tears!

First Husker game is in exactly  9 days
     Can't wait to see Cody Green and his great plays!

Tuesday we had our sump pump put in
      Now my house needs cleaned... I don't know where to begin.

Best part of all? Fall is in the air
     It's the best season of the year... nothing can compare!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


So this past week I've been on a cooking kick.  I LOVE to cook.  Sometimes I take the time to actually try new things or to do things the right way... from scratch.  This last week was one of those weeks.

I bought some beautiful blueberries and decided I'd make homemade muffins.  I found a generic muffin recipe and added a few things that sounded good to me.  Then I threw in the suggested amount of fruit.  I folded in those berries and it just didn't look like much.  So I doubled it.  The result? Blueberry explosion muffins!  It's like pie in a muffin.  They turned out to be Spencer's new favorite breakfast food.  I'll be making them again!

Monday I made thepioneerwoman's chicken parmigiana.  Oh-my-goodness!  To DIE for.  The sauce had to reduce for like 30 minutes.  I had to keep "sampling" it just to make sure it still tasted as good as it did the first time I tasted it.  Spencer ate all of his and what was left of mine.  This was insane.  I WILL be making it again.

Tuesday night I made red wine braised lamb medallions.  I made this one up all on my own and it was .... so good.  I LOVE lamb.  Must be my Brittish heritage but really it is so good.

Friday I got to make dinner for one of the preschool teachers who just had the most adorable tiny baby, Molly.  I made easy, classic things: Spaghetti pie and Texas Sheet Cake and HOMEMADE breadsticks! I forgot how incredible the simple things taste sometimes.  I love that cake.  Then we got to have a "dinner party" with some new friends from church.

That's the thing about food, it is incredible how versatile it is.  You can make crazy good muffins, complex chicken, figure out your own way to do lamb, welcome a baby, and make new friends, all around the dinner table.

Perfect life? The one where I make meals from scratch all day long, my dishes do themselves, and there is an abundance of chocolate cake!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So last night I went out to Baby Blue with some of the small group ladies for my first Sushi adventure.  Sushi is a strange thing.  Strange enough to blog about.  I learned many things about Sushi and will now educate you all.  Note my really awesome acronym below.

S- Sashimi is a slab of raw fish on a plate.  It costs the most money I think.  I would never EVER eat Sashimi.  I like my meat cooked!

U-  Uncooked?  Not always.  Last night I tried sushi that had cooked meat inside.  Crab I think.  I do love crab!

S-  Sweet chili sauce covers the roll that was my favorite... the crunchy LA.  Yum!

H- Hot crab and mango rangoon.  YUM!  I probably could've finished the plate of these myself.  H is also for Happy Hour- the time of the evening when you get cheaper food.

I- Ick!  Micaela's opinion of each piece of sushi she tried and my opinion of the Cali Roll.... not a fan of that one.

There you have it.  My super fancy Sushi acronym.  Ask my anything about Sushi.. I probably know the answers.  Ok I really don't but it was fun to try new things and I had a great time with those gals!