Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So last night I went out to Baby Blue with some of the small group ladies for my first Sushi adventure.  Sushi is a strange thing.  Strange enough to blog about.  I learned many things about Sushi and will now educate you all.  Note my really awesome acronym below.

S- Sashimi is a slab of raw fish on a plate.  It costs the most money I think.  I would never EVER eat Sashimi.  I like my meat cooked!

U-  Uncooked?  Not always.  Last night I tried sushi that had cooked meat inside.  Crab I think.  I do love crab!

S-  Sweet chili sauce covers the roll that was my favorite... the crunchy LA.  Yum!

H- Hot crab and mango rangoon.  YUM!  I probably could've finished the plate of these myself.  H is also for Happy Hour- the time of the evening when you get cheaper food.

I- Ick!  Micaela's opinion of each piece of sushi she tried and my opinion of the Cali Roll.... not a fan of that one.

There you have it.  My super fancy Sushi acronym.  Ask my anything about Sushi.. I probably know the answers.  Ok I really don't but it was fun to try new things and I had a great time with those gals!


  1. I always thought it was raw. Maybe I would try cooked sushi. And I loved your acronyms. Margo

  2. This makes me REALLY want sushi. Like... now. Love your blog :)

  3. This is hilarious! Love it! I'm glad you had a good first sushi experience, lol. We'll have to do it again sometime and maybe get a LOT more mango crab rangoon! :) So fun hanging out with you last night!