Friday, July 30, 2010

That dog needs a job!

So two weekends ago Spencer went back home to Cheyenne Wells and left me here with only the dog to defend me from robbers, creepers, and the like.  Sampson and I spent all weekend together.  We really do love each other.

I noticed in all my time with my long-legged beautiful boxer that he was scratching his ears an awful lot.  So much to his disdain I started looking into his ears... no really looking INTO them.  He hated me right then.  But, I knew something was wrong.

So when Spencer returned home I told him he had to call the vet and tell them that Sampson's ears were bothering him.  Sampson went into the vet Wednesday of last week.  He had a yeast infection.  Yes, you heard me correctly, a yeast infection in his ears.  Don't ask me how this happens to dogs, it just does.

They had to sedate him and give him medication etc.  Spencer brought home a nearly drunk dog.  Poor thing couldn't even stand up without leaning on a wall.  I'm serious.  Look at this picture of him!  He couldn't even close his mouth!  Precious dog.
Today is Friday.  Today I went out to run errands and came home to discover that same precious dog and thrown up on the carpet.  I wasn't happy.  Then he went outside and threw up 2 more times.  He had thrown up 3 times in 2 hours.  So, being the overprotective "mother" I am, I called his vet.  They said to bring him in.  I did.

2 shots, 2 prescriptions, and $68.00 later and this precious thing is back home with me again.  Sleeping on the floor.

I told that dog that after last week and this week, he's going to have to get a job to pay for his medical bills.  

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