Saturday, July 17, 2010

Travel Aspirations

Spencer and I are taking a weekend (when I say that I mean Friday night and Saturday) "away" to Kansas City next weekend.  We're excited to have time away together.  We're also excited to have time away from home.  As much as I love being home and making my home what I want it to be, I also love traveling to new places.

I grew up taking family vacation every year.  Some years it was some place far away (California) other years it was ... Iowa.  It didn't matter where we went we always had a great time.  Spencer grew up going on vacation like three times.  Twice was with his family to Montana and once was with family friends to Hawaii.

We have these huge travel ambitions.  We want to go places and see things.  I've been more places than he has and want to show him where I've been.  He's been to Hawaii and wants go there with me.  I doubt we'll ever get to do all the things we want to, but I'd like to visit several places in the next few years.

Some of the places we really want to go are:

-NYC at Christmas time (to do all the things you see in the movies "Rockefeller Center", Macy's, etc
-Chicago (I've been and LOVED it, Spencer's never been)
-Washington State/Oregon (coastline)
- Myrtle Beach (Neither of us have been)
- a cruise (to anywhere tropical)

Hopefully we'll find the time/$ to go soon.  Until then, we'll just keep planning these ultimate "dream" vacations from home.


  1. I've tried to convince Jake to go to NYC for our anniversary, which is Jan. 2nd so we could go for New Year's Eve and see the ball drop, crowds in Times Square, etc. He's not yet convinced that wouldn't be a nightmare. :-) Course I love to travel & he's more a homebody, but we both loved our trip to Mexico last year - really recommend it!

  2. Oh, Spencer must have forgotten the every 3 year schedule to MT, so that was about 6 trips for him. Those long trips may have put him into a coma... :) Mom