Monday, September 20, 2010

Pumpkin Problems!

The day was Thursday, last week.  The time was after work.  The mission: grocery shopping.

I'm a planner.  I plan menus.  I make lists.  I "research" where to get the best coupon+store sales= deals.  On the menu for this last week was pumpkin apple muffins for breakfast.  Now I have had some trouble finding pumpkin at Walmart and Target in the past month or so but I figured that since it was fall (well pretty much) stores would have it in stock.

I did my grocery shopping at Target this time and... no pumpkin.  So I ran to Walmart (it's right across the street and I had to grab ground turkey anyway).  No pumpkin.  I went to HyVee to get Honeycrisp apples (because I love them so much and have to have them as soon as they are in season).  No pumpkin.  I even went to the "health market" side.

I grabbed my apples and went to check out.  The check out woman asked if I found everything ok and I told her about the elusive pumpkin.  She asked her manager and it turns out (attention please) THERE IS A NATIONAL PUMPKIN SHORTAGE!!!  I'm not even kidding.  He said they won't have it til mid-October.  MID-OCTOBER!!  I can't wait that long to eat pumpkin-y things.  No I can't.  What about pumpkin bars and pumpkin apple muffins and other delicious pumpkin things?

My friend Hannah bought a pumpkin and is going to make her own pumpkin puree Pioneer Woman Style but I can't even find pumpkins... this is the worst!


  1. girl you better just drive your little butt down here and buy some pumpkin!!!

  2. Oh NO! I am headed to the store tomorrow and pumpkin was on my list! I just used my last can from last year. DANG IT!

  3. I found canned pumpkin today at the Walmart on 168th and Maple, it's by the canned fruit for pies. I was going to call and tell you but I didn't have your number in my phone, dangit!! :)