Monday, October 19, 2009

Not my cup o' tea

     So I'm blogging.  Did this once... upon a time.  In high school.  Turns out it wasn't really my cup of tea. Not actually sure it will be now.  Guess if I stop writing.... it turns out I'm not a very great blogger.

     So we got a new house; our 1st house.  It's precious.  3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1450 square feet.

     Then on top of all that, we got the best dog in the whole world.  His name is Sampson, he's a boxer.  He doesn't understand why he can't be on the couch but he can be on the bed, or how to eat spilled food off of the floor.  I don't think he speaks English, at least he doesn't understand what I'm saying.  He doesn't cry, just sort of snorts when he's sad.  It's great.

     I've decided I'm not sure why God invented Mondays.  I suppose it's so that all the bad stuff can come out in one day and not drag on through the week.  I think they are possibly the longest days of the whole entire week.  Good thing it's pretty much over, right?

     Well, see I'm not doing a very great job of having much to say.  I'll use the excuse that the computer is going to die soon and I need to get going.  Hopefully my blogging will soon improve!

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  1. good luck blogging Aanna :)... I hope you can continue because I enjoy reading them so much. Congrats on the new house. It's fun huh :).