Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Swine

So,  Spencer's had the swine since last Saturday.  I think he's almost over it now.  He's got the hacking cough.  So that's too bad, but on a funnier note.  I had a big wipeout at work today.  Mike had been mopping.  I was out in the lobby for something.  The whole lobby was dry, but he had mopped right in front of the office door.  The floor was VERY wet.  I put my right foot down and flew to the ground faster than I could even try to grab something to stop myself.  It had to have looked hilarious!  I felt like a 92 year old woman getting up off the floor.  So besides my pride, I have an aching elbow, lower back, neck, and bum!  But, it was funny...

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