Thursday, April 15, 2010

Was any one else in suspense?

One of my dear friends from small group (shall remain nameless) read my blog post from yesterday and immediately tried to figure out what I had learned at small group.  She then jumped to the conclusion that possibly I was pregnant- I'm not of course.  This has given me a chuckle all day long.  Can you imagine discovering you were pregnant while at small group with like 14 other people?  What a shock that would be!

I'll tell you what I really learned at small group.  We read Luke 8:1-8 which is the story of the persistent widow.  This widow had a problem and went to the judge.  The judge was unfair.  He didn't want to deal with her and kept sending her away.  Time and time again that persistent widow returned the judge.  Eventually she wore him down and he granted her what she had asked for.  (Read it for the more accurate version.)  I've been in a situation lately where it seems that there is just no way to get the "unjust judge" to understand what I need.  I felt encouraged after reading that passage that if even the unjust judge in the parable had compassion on the widow, maybe my "unjust judge" will eventually have compassion on me.

Next topic- Fun things I saw today:
     3 kids jumping in a puddle at Target while their sweet mom hollered "wa wa wa wa waaaaaiiiiittt!"  Her hollering did not work.
     Several staff members in superhero costumes (come to the volunteer appreciation event May 6 to learn more.)
     (This one's from last night.)  The overly excited face of a precious 8 year old girl as I baptized her!
     The most beautiful rain.
     My grocery bill... $15 under budget!


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