Friday, April 9, 2010

Trading in the cow for the turkey

I'd say you can safely assume that the large gaps (particularly this one) in my blogging also mean slips in our healthy eating goals.  Now we haven't fallen off the wagon completely, but we haven't necessarily been counting each calorie either.

Here's the struggle.  Once we revamped all of the foods we already loved by giving them a healthy makeover, it was hard to count the calories because we knew what we were eating was good for us.  It's not bad to NOT count calories, it is bad to not care about what you're eating.  That's a learning thing.  We still don't really eat beef.  Yeah I know!  Maybe I never mentioned that before but we pretty much gave up red meat.  We'll eat it on occasion but not even weekly.  We much prefer the protein rich, light on fat poultry options that chicken, turkey, and even ground turkey provide us.  And no, it isn't any more expensive to eat this way... trust me.

We've already begun to think and make some decisions about how we'll eat over seas.  While in London we want to taste the local fare, visit the pubs, and grab fish and chips from a local stand on the street.  Knowing good and well these will not all be healthy things, we want to really take in the culture while there.  For a portion of the time that we're in Scotland we'll be staying at Dad's cousin's place.  He's loaned us his chef (yeah you read that right, he has his own chef) for the few days we'll be there.  We had to send off a list of foods we refuse to eat.  I tried not to be too overbearing knowing that I'm much pickier than most (I simply listed that I won't eat cheese, pate'- chicken liver ground up, pickles, or bananas).  I've decided that I'm at least willing to try anything else.

Speaking of our trip, we both got our passports in now.  We owe mom and dad a little more money (they've bought our tickets for everything and we've been paying them back) and then we just need to get Spencer some new clothes that actually fit, pack, and fly out!  It's going to be very fun.  We'll take lots of pictures and I'll do my best to post some of them here.

In other exciting news we got a "new" car.  We traded in our Element for a Civic which we like much better.

The weather is nice, the sun is shining, it's my day off... what a GREAT day!

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