Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome Spring!

     Yesterday Spencer took down my precious homemade little "Let it snow" front door decor and told me it was time to encourage spring to show up.  We've had a beautiful week with sunshine and warmer temps. Snow has been melting and for the first time in 3 months I can see 80% of the grass in our front yard.  This is seriously exciting.... trust me.  So, I made a "Welcome Spring" door hanger now.  Hopefully it listens and shows up.

     With spring coming I'm thinking about our trip overseas and about the fact that it will be shorts and tank top weather soon.  This is good.  It just means that I really need to continue getting in shape so I don't look like a jiggly blob in a tank top.  So far so good.  One guy at work calls me the "Calorie Nazi".  So be it!  I will continue to count calories and I will look good!  PS: My hott hubby hasn't lost much more weight but is inches smaller again.  The new jeans he bought a few weeks ago barely stay around his waist!  So exciting.   I've been excited to hear from several of you who have lost weight and inches as well!  Keep it up!  We're doing it together.

     So spring cleaning.... I want to know.  How many of you do it?  The reason I ask is because I have been wanting to really deep clean our house, you know wipe down baseboards, clean light fixtures etc.  I read an article last night in the April edition of my Everyday with Rachael Ray mag that gave a great layout for spring cleaning.  I'm thinking it's about time that I picked a day to do these things.  Not sure Spencer will be thrilled but we'll see.

     One more poll.  Spencer would really like to paint the family room a different color.  When we moved in he told me he wanted cool tones down there.  So we painted a blue/teal color and accented with burnt orange and brown.  He hasn't liked it since we did it.  He decided that what he really likes is a warm toned room with lots of cool toned accents.  So I've been looking at rooms on for inspiration and found kind of a copper/brown colored paint that seems nice.  I've also really been liking warmer grey tones.  We have a medium brown colored sectional and espresso brown wooden furniture.  What do you all think would be good?


  1. I love the warmer gray colors that I've been seeing. I'm leaning that way just because it would set apart your furniture don't want them to blend into your walls. :) So exciting, you'll have to let me know what you decide. Another suggestion would maybe be the kind of burnt orange you said you had previously accented with. I know I'm excited to be moving into a house and be able to start making these decisions for ourselves soon! :) Hope all is going keeping up with you!

  2. Definitely check out & use their color visualizer. You can paint a room and see what it looks like with different colors & accent walls. I love this tool! (This is Cari, by the way.) :-)