Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Because everyone else is doing it...

...I'm also going to recap my year.  I kind of wish I'd written this post before reading everyone else's recap so I could pretend like it was my good idea.  But, that's not actually the case.

  • We spent much of the first two weeks buried in snow!
  • We started P90X and Spencer lost 40 lbs!
  • Spencer and I attended WinterJam, a 4th and 5th grade winter camp as sponsors and got very little sleep!
  • We got a roommate!  Preston, Spencer's college roommate, got a job at StoneBridge and moved in with us until his wife could move to Omaha.
  • Spring Break!  Just kidding... we didn't have a spring break.... adults don't get spring break.  I don't know why.
  • Got my hair cut for the last time this year... my hair lady, Markie, moved to Chicago!  And also because my husband asked me to grow it out.
  • Celebrated Spencer's 23rd birthday!
  • Celebrated Caelan's 12th birthday!
  • Hosted an Easter egg hunt at StoneBridge.  We had about 1200 in attendance.
  • Got a new car.
  • Marah graduated college... we missed it.
  • Flew to Denver to meet up with the fam and then flew to London for a 10 day UK vaca!
  • Mar and Bo celebrated their 2nd anniversary
  • Preston moved out.
  • Had the first 3 summer camps at StoneBridge.  They were largely successful, fun, and exhausting all at the same time.  I can't wait for camp this year!
  • Mom and Dad celebrated their 28th anniversary!
  • Held our sports camp @ StoneBridge
  • Held and attended the annual Fireworks Bonanza at StoneBridge... fun day!
  • Felt like I needed another vacation
  • My boss stepped down from her position at the church.
  • My family came to visit!
  • I turned 24... yikes!
  • Spencer and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary
  • Held the first Back-to-School BBQ at StoneBridge served a lot more people than we thought we would!
  • Got back into the "school year swing of things".
  • Spencer started his final college class... biology
  • Aunt Dona and Uncle Bob visited for awhile (I'm probably forgetting other times people visited.)
  • Ran home real quickly for a weekend... just for a break!
  • Was offered the position of Children's Ministries Pastor and accepted
  • Held the biggest Trunk-or-Treat event to date at the church.  It was COLD!
  • Happy Thanksgiving!  This year I hosted!- my family came to visit
  • Merry Christmas!  We went home briefly for some time at Christmas
  • Spencer's parents came and took us to the Colors of Christmas concert.
  • Spencer's parents blessed us with a new washer!
  • Our friends Brett and Nicole had their first baby!
It's been a fantastic year!  It's been exhausting, exciting, encouraging, trying, and wonderful!

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