Saturday, January 29, 2011

FREE and fun!

Just recently my husband lost his job.  Besides the obvious cuts to budget, the thing that we've found the most hard about this change in lifestyle is the fact that we have nothing to do!  It seems that everything costs money- money we don't have.

So yesterday (in a fit of boredom) we went to Borders to sit and read for free.  I came across a book called Frommer's Chicago Free and Dirt Cheap.  I enjoyed flipping through the pages and discovering all of the free things you can do in Chicago.  That led me to wonder what kinds of free and dirt cheap things we could do for entertainment in Omaha.

I'm excited about re-discovering our city and doing things we may never have done before.  So I've been "googling" and have been finding several things to do.  Since most of my "Readers" are also from Omaha, I figured maybe you'd enjoy knowing what you can do for FREE too.

1.  Visit Boys' Town- Boys' Town has it's own museum and a bunch of great buildings.  The campus is beautiful and you can even walk around the lake.

2.  Joselyn Art Museum- Usually you have to pay for admission into the museum but on Saturdays from 10-noon, it's FREE!

3.  Bemis Center for the Contemporary Arts is another free "museum" of sorts.  It's really an exhibition hall for contemporary artists and is free with a donation request.

4.  Cabela's- stop laughing!  Walking around Cabela's can be entertaining.  It's like a taxidermy zoo!

5.  Hang outdoors- Omaha has loads of outdoor parks (Memorial Park, Gene Leahy Mall, Heartland of America Park)  It may be cold outside but exercise does the body good... and it's free!

6.  Old Market Window Shopping- In Omaha we often forget the treasure that the Old Market really is.  You can enjoy hours of window shopping fun in all sorts of knick knack stores.

7.  Visit the local bookstore.  Spencer and I had fun spending an hour at Borders.  I'd do it again!

8.  This is something you can do anywhere: redecorate a room in your house.  Use only items you already have on hand like leftover paint or woodscraps from another project.  See how creative you can get!

CHEAP Things to Do
1.  Go ice skating @ Moyan IcePlex.  The cost is $6/ person to skate and the skate rental= free!
2.  Durham Museum- adult admission= $7
3.  Enjoy the Tuesday movie deals at area Marcus theaters.

What things can you think of to do that are cheap or less than $8 per person?

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  1. Marcus theaters also has 4 different "spotlight movies" each week for $5 on Wednesdays & Thursdays. You just sign up on their website & they send you a coupon each week. There's also a "cheap seats" theater - Westwood 8 Cinemas - that is $1 for matinees and $2 for regular times (or something close to that) at 120th & Center. Jake & I went to the zoo yesterday for their free day. They do it every year, so you just have to watch for it. I'm sure there's more things I just can't think of right now.