Monday, January 10, 2011

Evidence of a Snow Day

Yesterday morning I woke up to SNOW.  There wasn't much, maybe an inch or so.... maybe more.  I swept the snow off my car and slid all the way to church.

When I left church it had snowed more.  By the time I went back for the evening service there were an additional 2 inches on the ground.  After the severe blizzards last year we learned to stay ahead on our scooping and scooped the driveway twice.

This morning I crawled out of bed at 7, peeked outside and... IT WAS STILL SNOWING.  We had about 7 inches this morning and our neighborhood didn't get plowed until 10.  Needless to say... it's a snow day!

Here's the proof:

Sampson sits by the door crying to go out.  Then he's surprised each time I open the door that snow is still there.
The trees and backyard and completely covered in snow.
I get up and make homemade blueberry coffee cake for breakfast.  Oh, and I threw a little nutmeg in my coffee this morning.  Just for kicks!
This is my attire for today... sock monkeys.  A definite indicator of a snow day.

I intend to spend the rest of the day by watching wintery movies like New in Town or Little Woman (Spencer's throwing a fit about that one), making dinner in the crockpot, doing some laundry, and sitting around drinking cocoa.  

Did you get a snow day?

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