Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Comfy and Cozy

     It's been one of those days full of events.  Maybe the week has been like that.  Yeah, I know it's only Tuesday.  I attended a funeral this morning for an elder in our church.  He'd battled health problems several times during his life.  This time, he finally won!  It was a great service and I think Jerry would've been so honored to have heard the things people said and to have seen all that were in attendance to remember him.
     It's also the month for planning things and beginning meetings.  Since I'm in charge of all children's ministry events I'm in the middle of planning the Easter Egg Hunt, a 4th and 5th grade service weekend, preschool camp, soccer/cheer/volleyball camp, and Music and Drama Camp.  I'm gonna be all camped out!
   To add to all that's going on, Spencer and I are getting a roommate.  Preston (Spencer's college roommate) is moving in with us for a short time.  He has accepted the position of office manager @ StoneBridge and needs a place to stay.  His wife Lauren is going to remain in KC until their apt lease is up in June.  If you think of them say a pray.  I think it'd be hard to not see my husband Monday-Friday of every week for the next 4 months.
     And finally I feel like a failure of my healthy eating today.  I haven't added up my calories yet... and I'm not sure I want to.  I'm not an emotional eater, or a stress eater.  Thank Goodness!  But there are just certain times when I have the munchies.  I'm actually constantly hungry for a few days at a time sometimes.  I try to tell myself I'm not... myself never listens!
     All this just goes to say that when I got home from work today, all I wanted to do was put on my tea kettle and curl up in bed with my book and read.  I've rediscovered the library.  Turns out that you don't just have to go there to research a paper or work on a lesson.  They have enjoyable books there too!  Alright I'm being a little sarcastic, but I truly stopped reading for enjoyment when I started college and decided I was going to start reading again.  I went to the library about 2 months ago and checked out some books by my faves (Beverly Lewis and Judith Pella).  They both write Christian historic
romance-y novels.  Beverly Lewis writes a lot about the Amish people.  Her books and the history in them fascinate me.  The last Judith Pella book series I read was set in the 1800s.  Also great reads.

Alright, I better get on with my calorie count.  Breakfast- Cereal=180 cal  Lunch-Turkey on wheat, fresh fruit, pasta salad, angel food cake=318  Afternoon snack- fruit cup and rice cakes=200  Supper- Two turkey tacos w/ shredded cheddar, fresh pineapple, one brownie mini= 505  GRAND TOTAL= 1203!  Holy Moly!  I'm surprised.  My lowest calorie intake day and I felt like I'd done horribly.  Hmm.... maybe I'll have to treat myself to something... we'll see.  Can't reward good calorie counting with food now can I?

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