Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh the Inspirational Blog

     Small disclaimer as I begin... I had in mind what I was going to blog about before my friend Hannah commented on my previous blog.  I was just realizing today how motivational reading other people's blogs can be.  Everyone seems to have their own theme or twist to blogging.  My friend Miranda is doing something awesome by taking a picture for every day of the year.  Then she posts the picture and blogs about it.  She also comments a lot about her battle with keeping her dishes clean.  Miranda, I feel your pain.  As a result of Miranda blogging about her dishes, I've tried so hard to stay caught up on mine.  I've run the dishwasher every day and taken care of the rest by hand for 3 days.  In Miranda's honor, I've taken a picture of my clean dishes.

   My friend Stef has been blogging about her adventure with weight watchers.  I read her blog to inspire me to continue eating healthy because I know she's doing her best to eat healthier too!  Not to mention that she's doing all this while still being WAY busier than me.

     My friend Hannah is training for a triathlon.  Yeah, a triathlon!  I could run... if something were chasing me.  I could swim... if it was to save my life.  And I could ride a bicycle... if it were for a lazy Sunday afternoon outside, but compete in a triathlon?  I can't imagine.  Hannah is my workout HERO!  I continue to do my workouts... not to achieve any fantastic goals such as completing a triathlon, but simply to take better care of my body.

     I guess all I'm really saying in all of this is that you may not know who you are inspiring by simply journaling a little every day.  But, I find encouragement, sincerity, and motivation in all of the blogs I read daily.

PS:  Please don't be offended if I didn't list your blog.  I only mentioned a few.

Another PS:  My husband has lost 20 pounds already.  He's doing an amazing job!

     Now for my calorie counting today.  Breakfast was a bowl of cocoa wheats.  If you're not from Nebraska you probably don't know what Cocoa are.  They are good.  Think chocolate cream of wheat but way better.  Cocoa wheats=190 cal.  We had a staff meeting all morning @ Fox Hollow.  I had a 12 oz. non-fat caramel macciato= 190 cal.  Lunch was 4 oz chicken and 2/3 c of green beans= 140.  For an afternoon snack I had a fruit cup= 80.  Honey-Chili Chicken, corn, grape juice, and biscuits was for dinner= 621.  One brownie mini for dessert= 75 calories. DAILY TOTAL= 1296!  I love a day under 1300!  Success


  1. You are so sweet, thanks for the encouragement and for reading my blog, friend.

    and what is honey-chili chicken??? sounds delish!

  2. Mmm... Hannah Honey-chili chicken is a super low-cal recipe I found on the P90X nutrition guide. I'll give you the recipe when you come! Yum yum!