Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend oh so Fun

    I had a great weekend!  GORF was this weekend and Spencer was a sponsor.  I got to go to one of the main sessions on Saturday morning and see some great people (Like Mike, Cody, and Cristina).  It was so nice to see my "fam" again.
     Then Sunday I got to see my great friend Hannah and her fiance Nick at a Super Bowl party at our church.  So that was great again.
    I don't know if I had a terribly successful eating weekend or not.  I did great on Saturday.  I think it totaled 1240 for calories or something like that.  Yesterday was kind of tricky with the Super Bowl party and all.  I ate Life Cereal for breakfast and then had lunch with Spencer at Applebees after church (Garlic Herb Chicken=370 calories).  For supper I had some Super Bowl grub (one piece of pizza, 1 slice of summer sausage, 1 chocolate chocolate chip cookie, a teeny tiny frosted brownie, and 1/2 an orange).  I also had a fruit cup when I came home.  Calories for Super Bowl Sunday= 1248.  That's right!  It was a good day!  I rocked the Super Bowl Party!
     Today was so super busy.  I was in meetings from the time I got to work until almost noon.  I ate lunch while working and kept going strong all afternoon.  I felt like everytime I started a project I'd think of something else I needed to do and get started on something else.  I'm a task-finisher.  Dr. Leman (look him up) says in his book "Birth Order" that it's part of the characteristic of a first-born child.  So spending a whole day starting stuff and not finishing anything is VERY hard for me to tolerate.  I had no choice.  I was feeling good about how much I was getting done.  Then Sandy said, "oh crap it's 3:00".  I couldn't believe I only had 2 more hours of work.  I worked really hard for the last 2 hours and left the office feeling a bit encouraged.
     Today my eating was so-so.  I probably felt like I could reward myself for having good self-control at the party yesterday.  Not actually a good excuse.  So breakfast- Life cereal= 140 cal.  Lunch chili, tortilla chips, 1/2 an orange, a chocolate chip cookie (they were sitting in the office and I didn't resist) and 2 tiny chocolate chocolate chip cookies= 598 cal.  For supper we had Fiesta Lime Chicken (SO GOOD) w/ rice and baby carrots, (I also had a mini cheesecake... see reason for that below.)= 649  DAILY TOTAL= 1387.  For eating all the CRAP I ate today that's not the worst but it's def. not where I should've been.

     Ok about those precious cheesecakes.  We are making them for all of our children's ministry volunteers for Wednesday and Sunday as a Happy Valentine's Day/We Appreciate You Gift.  We were trying out a recipe to see how it went.  I had to make sure it was alright.  It was.
     Well I hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Yay!! I kinda feel bad I didn't mention my friends by name that I got to see at GORF!!! So, Thanks!!!